ABS Sensors

ABS Sensor

The more sophisticated today’s vehicles become, the more precise replacement parts must perform. WithGoodpoint’s ABS Sensors, you can trust that the quality and performance of each part has been quality tested to meet or exceed the operational specifications of the vehicle. Goodpoint’s ABS Sensors provide consistent and accurate measurements of your vehicle’s braking conditions. This vital information is then transferred via the sensor to allow your vehicle to adjust for optimal braking performance. Made of the highest quality materials, our replacement sensors resist extreme operating temperatures while providing a long durable performance life.

  • • Your alternative supplier for traditional “dealership only” replacement parts 
  • • Over 18 years of experience producing electrical automotive replacement parts 
  • • ISO9001:2000 ISO/TS 16949:2002 Quality System Production Facility 
  • • High quality materials for heat resistance and durability 
  • • Tested to withstand the varying environmental conditions 
  • • Continuously expanding import vehicle application coverage 
  • • USA Inventory available for immediate order fulfillment


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Brake Wear Sensors

Goodpoint Autoparts offers one of the most complete lines of Brake Wear Sensors for the aftermarket parts industry. Many “dealership only” sensors can now be sourced direct. As with all Goodpoint Autoparts products, you are buying direct through our exclusive factory program which allows you to buy at pricing levels significantly below other brands. With USA inventories on hand and available now for timely filling of your order, you can take advantage of our low minimum purchase requirements and say goodbye to lost sale

  • • Largest aftermarket line offering of Brake Wear Sensors
  • • Highest quality materials for reliable performance and endurance 
  • • Factory tested for stable and consistent output signals 
  • • USA inventory available for immediate order fulfillment


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Belt Tensioners

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Ignition Coils

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Shocks & Struts

SENSEN - The new favorite in aftermarket Import Shocks and Struts.

DMA Goodpoint is the Exclusive partner of SENSEN for Product Development, Marketing, and Distribution throughout North America.


Tradition of Excellence

SENSEN has been manufacturing since 1985. They are an OE supplier to European manufacturers for Domestic China Market. They are ISO/TS 16949: 2002 approved. 


Quality Assurance

SENSEN provides world-class research and development, production and quality control testing. All shocks and struts come with a limited lifetime warranty. They are benchmark performance tested against industry leading competitors. Each shock and strut is coated with a premium quality finish for corrosion and rust protection and is packaged in first-class box for a professional first impression.


The SENSEN Opportunity

SENSEN is the Good and Better line to your Best. It is an alternative product offering for the cost conscience consumer. Unlike imported products that source from multiple factories, with SENSEN you are assured that ALL parts are made at a single factory for consistent and repeatable quality.


Exclusive Dealer Programs

Our dealers can access SENSEN USA inventory from 4 distribution locations (CA, TX, NC, MA). We offer low minimum order requirements for pre-paid shipments. Dealer's can also take advantage of print and electronic sales aids and technical information. We also provide container direct programs for customers in Latin America and Australia.

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