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With the ever increasing competitive nature of the automotive aftermarket parts industry, finding ways to increase your business’ competitive advantage has become priority #1. DMA has the solution for you. Through a strategic alliance with the highest quality Chinese aftermarket auto parts manufacturers, you can now participate in a direct import parts program regardless of your company’s size, buying patterns, or business structure. Unlike other traditional container or import broker programs, with DMA there are no minimum quantities, no long lead times, no confusing customs or logistical issues, no wiring of funds to unknown companies, no communications issues, and there is never a middle man decreasing your profit potential. Best of all, the products are stocked and available for shipment in the USA. With DMA, you will be directly connected. 

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Our services set us apart from other traditional import container and broker programs.


  • All alliance partner manufacturers certified and quality approved.
  • DMA Quality Control Inspectors in all partner manufacturing facilities.
  • Continually adding new products and manufacturers based on your need requests.
  • Container based pricing but with domestic based product availability.
  • Excellent customer service with a personal approach.


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