As a product development and management company, DMA represents a strategic alliance of international manufacturing partners, offering high quality automotive parts and components to distributors within the US automotive parts aftermarket.  Offering import container based pricing with US based inventory availability, DMA has simplified and removed many of the traditional obstacles preventing both international manufacturers and US distributors from coming together and transacting business.  

From their 125,000 square foot distribution facility, DMA offers a platform of business services including but not limited to dedicated US customer service personnel, language and culture adaptation, working knowledge of the US aftermarket auto parts industry, product development and product management services. 

In addition, DMA has developed and distributes several lines of automotive aftermarket parts in which it owns and controls the exclusive distribution rights. DMA also manages and distributes products for multiple ecommerce website based companies dedicated to on line ecommerce of automotive parts and accessories.  DMA is a sister company of Atlantic Automotive Enterprises, LLC., which remanufactures and manufacturers new steering system components. 

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